Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Christmas Things

saturday 25 november 2o06
9am -3pm

delightful things direct from the makers

st francis theological college
233 milton road milton
entrance via baroona rd

parking available
cash or cheque only
refreshments available

umbrella collective
phone kylie 0429 330073

sarah bowe red felt flower
florence forrest flying star toys
shannon garson porcelain
kylie johnson paper boat press
liana kabel plastic girl jewellery
rebecca ward jewellery


tiel s-k said...

so glad I found this blog.

Shall book this date into my diary.

All the work here looks great.

I have some Christmas tags on order already Kylie. I have known your work for over a year and think it is great.

Liana said...

Looking forward to seeing you then.
Feel free to tell your friends.

Kylie says "thank you".

jude said...

looks great, wish i could go but it is a bit far!

Florence Forrest said...

We are thinking of putting some things up for sale online so that if people aren't able to come or are just still thinking about it they can still buy somthing for before Christmas :)


Megan Yarrow said...

Hi Umbrella Collective!

Last week I received my invitation to 'delightful things for christmas' - thankyou - I will definately try and come along.

Your creations are so pretty - ultra feminine and practical to boot!

Have you considered placing an ad in the next indie (comes out Wed 15/11 - see www.theindependent.com.au)?


Florence said...

Thanks Megan, thanks for the tips. We hope to see you there, do say hi :D